General care

-in order to keep your pieces looking as fresh as the day you bought them, the general rule is "LASt on, First off." I use untreated metals and natural stones and their worst enemies are moisture, hairspray, Lotion, perfume, etc. Keep your pieces in a dry environment when not in use, and try to take 'em off before doing any activities in the wash room. I strive to make quality, lasting pieces and do my best to test them for strength and durability. however, they are handmade and i don't recommend wearing your jewels whilst lifting heavy objects or doing laborious tasks. 

*OPALs and Ocean Jasper should never be submerged in water or other liquids, as they are delicate and porous. the color Quality may be effected. 



-Most metals naturally tarnish (Oxidize) with wear, as they are exposed to moisture and humidity. A unique patina will develop over time, depending on your skin's ph and how/where you wear the piece, particularly on brass and copper elements. In My opinion, this is super cool and interactive and i enjoy the look of patina...but, if you want to keep your pieces looking bright, I sell Polishing cloths that will clean your brass, silver and gold-filled pieces right on up. Do not use these cloths on plated metals, as the abrasiveness of the polishing compounds can cause damage. 



Damaged Pieces

-I guarantee my work for normal wear & tear for the first year. If something occurs during this time, please contact me and I'll access the damage and do my best to fix the piece for free. after one year, I'm happy to fix your damaged piece for the cost of materials and labor. 


Lost items

-If you've lost an earring to your pair, I Will be happy to make you another for half the cost of the set.

-Unfortunately, I cannot replace lost items. 

*most ooak pieces cannot be replicated as i may not be able to source proper materials.


Q: WHy is your work more expensive than some handmade jewelry lines?

A: my work is entirely hand-fabricated, never cast, therefore much more labor intensive. I source the highest quality stones and only use solid, un-plated metals. Using faux turquoise, Opal, etc. and plated metal is common in the industry to reduce the bottom line, but i'm just not into that. I pay Lapidary artists fair prices for their cut stones, and do all design and metal work in my home studio.


Q: I'm allergic to certain jewelry, can I safely wear yours?

A: The most common jewelry allergy is to nickel and my work is all nickel-free. 


Q: Will this metal turn my skin green and is that safe?

A: some folk's body chemistry will interact with brass and copper in this way, when it's worn close to the body without airflow. don't worry, there's nothing harmful about this reaction and some people actually use it as a gauge of their body's copper levels. to reduce the likelihood of this reaction, avoid moisture while wearing your jewelry. 

I don't often make brass and copper pieces that will be worn close to the body, without airflow. My earhooks are always solid sterling or Gold and most of my ring bands are sterling silver, Goldfill or Gold to avoid possible skin reactions. 


Q: Where are you located?

A: my studio is based in Colorado Springs, Co.


Q: Where can I find your work in person?

A: Check out my stockist list for shops currently carrying my work. I regularly travel to tradeshows and trunk shows, so sign up to receive my non-spammy emails for updates and sales!