GARDEN RING || size 7-9

GARDEN RING || size 7-9


One of a kind and hand-fabricated in sterling and fine silver with a mystery stone. I have no idea what this gem is, but it has magical quartz inclusions and the most perfect palette with an abstract floral look. So amazing.

Ready to ship, size 7-9.

THE ARCATA COLLECTION features work inspired by my time in the Redwoods and on the northern coast of California last fall. All of the stones were purchased from lapidary artists in rock shops on the road trip. They combine light-catching gems in an earthy palette. Elements that feel reminiscent of the Northern California landscape; ancient mossy forests, the rocky coastline, Agate, Quartz and Moonstone beaches, the way the light softly filters through the tall trees.  I’m really excited about the work as I was so inspired by that place. The way the micro-climates shift and give way to new eco-systems within a few miles. These pieces are a form of storytelling, a way of imparting the feeling of that space, without words. As with everything I make, my soul is in it. I’m always trying to create pieces that draw the wearer back to the deep reverence for earth and time. 

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